Charity Univeristy Challenge

As part of my role as Education Representation Officer I am required to help out with Educational Campaigns. I was given the lead on the University Challenge campaign with the aim to enter a team from the University of Leicester into the BBC 2012 series of University Challenge. This campaign, or at least the promotional side of it, ran from Monday 7th November to Friday 11th November.

As part of the promotions we held a charity events called Charity University Challenge on Tuesday 8th November at 3pm. Sabbatical officers from the University of Leicester competed against staff from the Students’ Union in a University Challenge style gameshow. The Academic Affairs Officer, Alex Nutt, hosted the event dressed as Jeremy Paxman. The teams were asked general knowledge questions, written by a student at the university, with starter questions being worth 10 points and a subsequent 3 questions in the same round worth 5 points each. This lasted around 45 minutes.

Jeremy Paxman (the presenter of University Challenge)

The Sabbs were the winners, however it was incredibly close with scores drawn at the end of the question round. This led to a tie breaker question being asked which the sabbs answered correctly. They were awarded with a ‘Charity University Challenge 2012′ trophy and a signed photo of our version of Jeremy Paxman, a.k.a. Alex Nutt. The losing team, the staff, had to face a forfeit. each member of the team was given a chance to pick a mystery forfeit, ranging from cold custard to potpourri.

To raise money for charity on the day we held a raffle. We sold tickets all over the students’ union and drew the winning tickets at the end of the event. Loads of companies based in Leicester donated prizes to the raffle including a signed rugby ball from the Leicester Tigers, a voucher for a meal at Nandos and a £25 voucher for Yan hair. The winning team chose the charity to donate the money to, which was Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity. We raised £121 in total, which was brilliant!

Overall I thought the event went well, especially only had a week to plan and promote it and was pretty much the only one organising it, with help from Kirsty Minnis (Campaigns and Development Intern). If I’d had more time I’d of loved to have expanded the event having several rounds where students teams also compete. I would of also held the event at a more socaiable time such as early evening before a student night out. Finally with such amazing prizes I’d of liked to run the raffle for longer as well alllowing students to take full advantage of it and to raise more even more for charity.