Course Rep ED Advisory Committees

The ED Advisory Committees (ran by the Students’ Union) were held on Thursday 15th March 2012. There were a total of 4 sessions throughout the day, two for each college with two colleges attending the same session. The colleges are as follows:

Arts Humanities and Law paired with Social Sciences

 Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology paired with Science and Engineering

It was a chance for Course Reps to talk to other Reps in their college and highlight any similar issues or concerns students across the college might have, in a safe environment with no academic staff present.

My role here was to organize the sessions, planning the ‘agenda’, booking rooms and inviting the Course Reps to the relevant time slot. Although there was an agenda the sessions were very much student led as we wanted them to think about their role and engage with each other. The Agenda is shown below:

ED Advisory Committees Agenda 

Brief update/reminder about:

Student Task :

  • Write one thing on the post-it that you have achieved as a course rep e.g. chairing a meeting
  • Write one thing on the post-it that you would like to achieve (wish list)
  • Sort them by similarity under the college headings on the wall
The idea of the task was to get the Course Reps thinking about there role and experiences so far.

Below is a consolidated version of the notes made throughout the day, giving details of the common issues that tended to span across several departments and colleges. The notes also contain details of the College Academic Committee Reps, including what their role is.

Ed Advisory Committee Notes

Overall the day was a success and attendance was pretty good.


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