My Internship and Future

The Leicester Graduate Internships Programme internships last for 6 months. My internship in the Students’ Union as Education Representation Officer was due to finish on March 18th 2012, however has been extended. The Students’ Union have extended it for 1 month until 18th April and even better GENIE, in the University Genetics department, have extended it until 18th June/July!

The Students’ Union has kept me on to continue looking after the Course Rep system, with the main reasons being that we are hoping to elect and train reps in the Summer term rather than in October, and as their accreditation needs marking. They however are not able to fund me for any longer than the end of April.

I currently coordinate the Employability Project which is run by GENIE and the Education Unit (see previous post). Professor Annette Cashmore is in charge of this project and has been impressed by my contribution to it and therefore would like to keep me working on it past April. For this reason GENIE will fund me for an extra 2 or 3 months meaning i will continue to work here until the end of June/July depending on the work load and funding available. As well as working on the Employability Project and running the Course Rep System this means I will also work on other projects led by GENIE, which are yet to be confirmed.  as well as being based in the Students’ Union I will spend 1 or 2 days a week in the GENIE offices.

Before my internship I had no idea what career I wanted to go into. The parts of my internship that I have enjoyed most so far have been designing the and delivering the training to Course Reps, keeping databases of project staff and Course Reps and interviewing for student staff positions. Based on this I am now looking to persue a career in Human Resources.   My first step towards this is to d some work experience in the University of Leicester HR department. I have spoken to our Interim Head of Organisation Development who is happy for me to go over to the HR department for a 1/2 day each week whilst I am still working here. The details of this are still to be confirmed, however it is definitely going ahead and will be a great opportunity.


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