Work experience in the University of Leicester’s HR department

As I wish to pursue a career in Human Resources I’ve arranged to do work experience in the HR department of the University of Leicester. This came about after I attended the Recruitment and Selection workshop as part of staff training. This workshop was run by Mike Powell (Recruitment Team), who I spoke to at the end asking for advice on how to get into the HR industry. Mike suggested contacting our head of HR, Alun Reynolds, and passed on his email address. Mr Reynolds then put me in contact with Sally Worth, who is the Interim Head of Organisation Development. Sally was happy for me to come over to HR for a 1/2 day work experience each week for as long as I work at the University. As of last week I now go over to HR each Thursday from 1.30pm to 5pm.

My first day in HR was mainly spent discussing what I would be doing during my time there and being introduced to the team.  Sally had spoken to the various departments within HR including Staff Development, Advisory Service, Equality, Wellbeing and Recruitment & Selection and arranged for me to spend some time in each of them. The plan for each week is shown in the table below.

Date HR Department Report to Areas of interest/Notes
12-Apr Staff Development Linda Stirk
19-Apr Staff Development Linda Stirk
26-Apr HR Advisory Service Rhiannon Stafford
03-May HR Policy Helen Oliver
10-May HR Equality Chris Sharp
17-May Wellbeing Tentative Veronica moore
24-May Recruitment & Selection Kevin Ritchie

The above table only goes up to 24th May, however I will continue to go over each week until 18th July. 

I am hoping this work experience will give me a better idea of whether HR is the right career path for me, as well as providing some key experience to help me break into the job sector following my current internship.